Trauma Work Groups
This groups are scheduled on Sundays. Next Group Starts March 2020

Groups will consist of expressive therapies, trauma sensitive yoga, and somatic experiencing.  These groups have been developed to allow you to do self-work, self-exploration and open your awareness to a level of healing created by you. Groups are guided by a therapist to help you uncover themes, feelings and relevance for your life. Groups are organized into themed weeks and experiences. Each week builds on the next and each group is a tailored experiences for those group members.


Week 1- Finding Yourself in the Present Moment- Let's get REAL

Week 2- Developing Mindfulness Skills for Body, Environment, Relationships and Spirit

Week 3- Open and Remove Masks- Shame, Fear, Guilt, Doubt

Week 4- Centering and Grounding

Week 5- Practicing Choice

Week 6- Change is a Verb- Moving in life, Embracing Newness, Distress Tolerance, Its not easy

An application must be submitted to apply for a group. Not all applicants will be accepted due to the limitations of this type of group experience. This is not group therapy. These are group work experiences

Groups are limited to 10 individuals max.

Cost: $20 per group each week

Discount: 6 groups- $100 paid in advance

Consulting Skills Intensive
Consultants as an Instrument of Change
Building Trust, Commitment and Collaboration with Clients
Understanding Organizations
Dealing with Resistance from Individuals 
Administrative Skills for Consultants


*The yoga therapy components of our teachings are based on our license as a mental health counselors, not derived from my status as an RYT with Yoga Alliance Registry.